Safety measures for our in-person worship service

We are so excited to see you “in person”.  For the safety of yours and others’, we will be implementing the following safety measures according to the guidelines of both the provincial government and our diocese:

  • Masks are required to be worn upon entry to the church and kept on for the entirety of the liturgy.
  • Greeters should wear masks.
  • Congregational singing is permitted.
  • Anyone speaking, leading singing or praying can remove their mask for this role.
  • Physical distancing in between parties, sitting 2 seats away from other parties is recommended.
  • Communion is in one kind only (except for the celebrant), the bread/body of Christ.
  • At the time of exchanging the Peace of Christ, there must not be handshaking or hugs (except between members of the same household).  Please nod or bow to none another.
  • Offering plate are placed in front of the holy communion station.  People are invited to place their donation to the plate one by one during the communion.
  • People are required to sanitize their hands before they receive communion.