Our History

St Chad’s Anglican Church was founded just after the Second World War, a small Anglican parish surrounded by larger ones. After a humble beginning in 1947, in a store front on 16th Ave., activities moved to the present hall in 1948, and to the church itself in 1955.

The church is a member of the worldwide Anglican Communion in the Diocese of New Westminster.and is a church tradition based on the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The church was named after St. Chad, a Bishop of Mercia in the 7th century. He is regarded as the missionary who introduced Christianity to the East Saxon. Our parish is also committed to introduce Christ to people from the east and the west.

The parish was inspired by St Chad and committed themselves to introducing Christ to people from the east and west. The parish’s aim to provide a spiritual home to the Chinese in an Anglican way remains a core element of its mission.

Replanting a new St Chad’s carries on its spirit, honours its legacy and continues its commitment to create a faith community for Chinese and other Asians.